Week In Review: Optus 4G, Telstra Outages and Death Star Pricing

Optus bought out Vividwireless, Dodo brought Telstra down and the Death Star got priced. These were amongst the week's top stories as February drew to a close.

What Does Optus Buying Vividwireless Mean For 4G? [Updated]

Optus made an interesting announcement on Monday, stating it intended to buy out Vividwireless. We investigated what that meant for 4G in Australia. Read More

How To Get A Refund From The App Store

Ever purchased an app by accident? It's possible to get your money back, if a little fiddly. Read More

Counterpoint: Viva La Mouse!

Mat Honan's not a fan of the mouse — as he made abundantly clear — but I think there's still some life left in robotic rodents. Here's why. Read More

Telstra Lost The Internet, Not Sure Why

Telstra lost the Internet for a surprisingly large proportion of the Australian Net-using population. It wasn't hiding behind the sofa — smaller ISP Dodo was apparently to blame. Read More

The Swash 1000 Bidet Toilet Seat Review: This Will Change The Way You Poop

There are no ends to what we'll review — in the name of gadgets, naturally. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

How Much Is The Death Star Actually Worth?

One owner only, slight catastrophic explosion damage. Read More

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