Week In Review: iBugs, 4G And Frozen ICS

Telstra's 4G went under the Giz microscope — twice — as did Google's Android updates and the curious mess that is iMessage. Welcome to the week in review; the stories that were the highlights of the week from the 30th of January to the 3rd of February.

HTC Velocity 4G Review: Fast, But Not The Best

Elly pushed Telstra's 4G phone to its speed limits, and came away wanting more. Read More

Should You Act On ACTA? What Australians Need To Know

The secret treaty that won't only affect piracy, but also the privacy of everyone online. Read More

Telstra’s 4G Vs 3G: Is It Worthwhile?

4G is fast, but what happens when you put it head to head with 3G in the same locations at the same time? Read More

Why Aussie Galaxy Nexus Won’t Get Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Direct From Google

Google's own Android phones are meant to get updates first, but here in Australia they often don't. Why is that? Read More

Gizmodo Vs Lifehacker: Should Apple Have To Make Ethical Gadgets?

Apple's been under constant fire for using Foxconn to make its iGadgets. How fair (and realistic) are the calls for it to make its gadgets ethical, and what is an "ethical" gadget anyway? Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Apple Bug Let Us Spy On A Total Stranger’s iPhone

This was just… odd. Apple's explanation for why this happens apparently comes down to a "rogue genius", but it's still a very real worry. Read More