Watching A Fish Chase A Laser Is Cuter Than Any Cat Video

Fish. What are they good for? Sushi. Swimming around. Making you clean their tanks. Breathing underwater. Looking weird. And that's it. Well, add being cute as doted puppy fur as another. Watch this little puffer fish chase around a laser and tell me you didn't find it enjoyable. [The Daily What]


    Totally has to be a way to shine a laser pointer on to a hook.....

    Is that the lazer sight on a pistol?

    that's always a good idea to point guns at fish tanks...

      YouTube vid description says "firearm was unloaded filming this video".
      About as dangerous as pointing a hammer at a fish tank.

    I did this with my dog. She went nuts chasing it, and wouldn't let any other dog come near!

    Simple things amuse simple minds..

      And boring cynics amuse noone

      While even simpler ones repeat old phrases from lack of imagination

    Probably the most excitement the little doods have had their entire tank dwelling lives.

    Wait... a puffer fish chasing a laser?
    I'm scared to see if he puffs out.

    "master, why do you torment us so?"

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