Wallee Headrest Review

Wallee Headrest Review

The Australian-designed Wallee Headrest brings the iPad into the car with the promise that it’s the “most elegant” headrest mount you can buy. What happens when you install it in a really cheap car?

The cheap car in question would be mine. A quick tip here, youngsters: If you ever want to get rich, don’t get into journalism. Or to put it another way, if I was taking all the bribes people say I am, do you think I’d be driving a seventeen year old car?

covered the Wallee Headrest a few weeks back

What We Liked

There’s no shortage of iPad accessories on the market, and most of them feel like they were made out of the off-cuts left over from recycling old He-Man action figures. Not so the headrest, which is very solidly constructed indeed.

What We Didn’t Like

You’ll need to buy a Wallee itself to make any use of the Headrest; while that’s quite clearly laid out on the Wallee website, connecting all the bits together can be fiddly, especially if you usually use another case on your iPad. The Wallee itself should be smart cover compatible (I’ve not tested it, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be), but any other case user will have to slip it out of the case, onto the Wallee and then snap it into place.

Installation is easy enough, but it’s not a headrest that you’ll easily take off. That’s kind of the point, but it does worry me that I’d be leaving an obvious peripheral accessory in the car at all time, which could well be a magnet for car thieves — in the same way that it’s a bad idea to leave a GPS screen mount on your car windshield.

Should You Buy One?

This is a specific product for a specific niche; it’s not suitable with other tablets — well, not unless Wallee start releasing Wallee units for other tablets, anyway — and while it’s technically removable, it’s essentially designed to be a permanent fixture in your car. If you do travel a lot with kids (or impatient adults) in the back seat and use an iPad in that scenario the Headrest is certainly a solidly built unit that delivers exactly what it promises.