Vodafone Australia’s Got The Galaxy SII ICS ROM

Vodafone Australia’s Got The Galaxy SII ICS ROM

We’ve seen the ‘official’ Galaxy S II ROM leak, and now it looks like the wait for those who don’t want to go down unofficial routes may not be too much longer, with Vodafone Australia confirming that it’s got the Android 4.0 code for the Galaxy S II from Samsung.

Vodafone Australia’s twitter account broke the news, with the suitably hyperbolic exclamation that

‘BREAKING: We just received Android 4.0 for Samsung GALAXY S II. Testing will begin shortly.’

As well as a link to the Vodafone blog’s weekly update page.

What that means is that while Vodafone’s got it, it’s not quite ready for mass distribution just yet. As we’ve noted before carrier testing and approval takes time, and Vodafone’s not yet put a timeframe up for when it’ll start rolling out ICS to its customers. As yet, there’s no sign of the update on Telstra’s update page, although from the look of it it’s been nearly a month since any updates were announced there. [Vodafone]