VLC 2.0 Is Here

VLC, the greatest video omnivore of them all, has finally reached its two-point-oh, after 11 years. What's new? Plenty. But don't worry, the old standby can most importantly still play virtually anything you throw at it.

Mac users will see the biggest immediate benefit: VLC isn't ugly anymore! The program's Windows 95-chic UI is gone, replaced with an Apple-y, single-window interface that'll match everything else on your desktop. It's smooth, simple and comprehensible, for once. Drag a video onto the window, and it'll start playing. Kaboom.

But there's plenty new under the hood, too: multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration, new HD formats, higher-quality audio processing, improved video filters, and "experimental" Blu-ray disc support.

It's still free. Go and download it. [VLC]

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