Use Your Instagram Photos To Make Sweet Love

Use Your Instagram Photos To Make Sweet Love

Lovestagram is a brand-new Instagram plug-in that lets you make Valentines from your Instagram photos. It’s very neat, but the best part about it is the back story: the very site itself is a Valentine’s Day gift.

Lovestagram lets you apply heart-shapes, pink cameras or candy borders and greeting text to Instagram photos that you share with another person. (It has to be somebody whose Instagram photos you’ve liked or commented on, or vice-versa). It kicks out a nice little Valentine that you can send via email. Aw!

But what really warms my heart is that the site was built by the girlfriend of one of the company’s founders. Kaitlyn Trigger not only built the site herself, she even learned to code to do so.

From the email she sent me announcing the site:

I’ve been dating Mike Krieger for the last two and a half years, and Lovestagram is my gift to him for Valentine’s Day. It’s also my thank-you gift to the awesome Instagram community. In essence, Lovestagram is an easy way to create a valentine with Instagram photos that you and your special-someone have shared together. To build it, I taught myself Python, HTML, CSS, etc. Turns out, learning to code isn’t so hard when you’re in love (and when your boyfriend is a software engineer)!

That’s pretty damn cool. Now go make some Lovestagrams for your sweetie.