Two People Are Dead Because They Unfriended This Man’s Adult Daughter on Facebook

A Tennessee man, Marvin Potter (on the right), is in police custody tonight, charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of a couple who had unfriended his 30-year-old daughter on the popular social networking site.

The murderous spat began when Billy Payne Jr and his girlfriend, Billie Jean Hayworth, unfriended Potter's 30-year-old daughter Jenelle. According to police, Jenelle began harassing the couple in the week leading up to the shooting on January 31.

Authorities believe that at some point between 5.30am and 11am that day, Marvin Potter entered the couple's Mountain City home and shot the pair — Billy Payne in his bedroom and Billie Jean in their eight-month-old daughter's room. Billie Jean was found holding her infant in her arms when a neighbour made the grisly discovery.

Jamie Curd (on the left), a friend of the Potter's and reportedly romantically interested in Jenelle, was charged as an accessory to the crime. Both men remain jailed, Potter on $US200,000 bail and Curd on $US1.5 million. [Yahoo]

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