This Is The $14,000 Gucci Urban Commuter Bike

If you've got a spare 14 grand burning a hole in your pocket (and who doesn't in this economy, amirite?) you too can ride in the lap saddle of luxury aboard a Gucci-branded Bianchi.

And what does a $US14,000 bicycle include? It features a 22-pound carbon fibre frame, eleven gears, hydraulic disc brakes, and double-sided pedals. Wait, that's it? How is this bike still $US3000 more than Bianchi's top-of-the-line Oltre Super Record? Oh right, matching Gucci badges on the seat and frame. You'd think they'd at least throw in the matching helmet for that price but no -- girding your noggin in Gucci styling will set you back another $US960. [Gucci via Urban Velo]


    Ha Ha Ha.....what a piece of crap, I hope I see someone riding this one day.

      I would SO liove to build me a replica of this, so I could ride it to work and let word "slip out" amongst my co-workers what my bike supposedly cost.

      They'd shit themselves even more than they do over the bikes I DO own....

    Where do I put my Gucci manbag and small white dog? It needs a big Gucci basket in the font to complete the look.

    i'm no cyclist, but i'm sure a cyclist would scoff at this post.

    F*** me, I can buy a brand new Motard for that, with some extra bells!

    Anyone who buys this bike, is a fucking idiot. /thread

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