This Incredibly Thin Card Could Bring Wireless Charging To Any Device

Inductive charging means you'll never have to plug your phone in again, and to avoid clunky add-on solutions if your device doesn't have it built in, Duracell has created this wafer thin adaptor card that slips in alongside its battery.

There is a catch, though. It's only designed to work with phones that comply with the Power Matters Alliance's Wireless Charging Card specification. So OEMs will need to include a compatible connector where the battery interfaces with the phone to facilitate charging and data transfer, as the Duracell Powermat WiCC card doubles as an NFC antenna. You'll also need a phone with easy access to the battery obviously.

So while you won't be finding them at your local electronics store anytime soon, it's another important step towards inductive wireless charging becoming more ubiquitous across devices. [Engadget]

Photos: Engadget

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