This App Uses Your Phone's Camera To Check How Drunk You Are

While some of us prefer to use the Stand Method (if you can still stand, you're not drunk enough), others prefer a more precise means of determining their level of intoxication. Thankfully, the BreathalEyes app should be able to accurately judge your inebriation just by scanning your bloodshot eyes.

The BreathalEyes app for the iPhone and iPod Touch works uses the device's camera to measure the level of Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) — basically how twitchy your eyes are — then calculates your BAC within .02 per cent, according to the developer.

The app does have its limitations and is affected environmental variables such as high altitude and interactions other drugs, so you probably shouldn't use this as justification for getting behind the wheel after knocking a few back. And, judging by the user feedback at the App Store, it's either a bit heavy-handed or very generous calculating your state of hammeredness. But, for a buck, it could be a fun ice-breaker at parties and is way less invasive than personal BAC meters. [iTunes via HuffPo]

Image: Deklofenak / Shutterstock

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