These Jordans Come With More Accessories Than My Phone Did

I can't believe Nike's churned out 27 different Air Jordans already. The 2012 model is a far cry from the high tops I wore in high school, with a bevy of accessories that customise the shoe to anyone's playing style.

The core shoe includes a contoured glass and carbon fibre plate in the midfoot that provides extra support while being extremely light. But to accomodate different playing styles the 2012 Jordans come with two interchangeable inner sleeves, low cut and high cut versions, as well as three swappable insoles that provide varying levels of cushioning.

Starting on February 25 you get your choice of one of the insoles and one of the inner sleeves for $US180. But if you can't wait, and you've got an NBA-sized salary, you can spring for the Deluxe kit which includes all five of the sleeve and sole options for $US223 as of yesterday. Remember, even though the first 26 pairs didn't help you play like Mike, I'm sure the 27th pair's the charm. [Nike via Hypebeast]

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