The Pulse Surface Controller Makes The World Your Instrument

Forget about using keys, buttons, knobs or pads on a MIDI device. With the Pulse Surface Controller, you create sounds by banging on your desk, computer, or anything, really.

The Pulse controller is a microphone that you attach to any surface like a desk or your laptop. When you bang or tap on the surface, the microphone registers the vibrations and sends a MIDI signal to your computer. From there, your software converts those MIDI signals into whatever sound you want. The most obvious use for Pulse system is to play your desk like a drum kit, but it can also use it to play melodies.

For $US60, the Pulse Surface Control System is cheap enough that just about anyone can buy one, and from the looks of it, the controller looks pretty easy to use and super fun to play — even you're not blessed with incredible rhythm like the musician in the video. [Pulse Controller via Creating Digital Music]

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