The Pope Officially Has The Worst Twitter Name Of All Time

The Pope, divine mouthpiece of God himself and owner of vast riches and influence, has taken to Twitter. Half holy, half Kardashian, Hitler Youth graduate Benedict XVI is now social mediafied. So why is his Twitter handle so unbelievably weird?

As The Daily Show Points out, you'd imagine Benedict would have been able to take his pick of names. Say, "Pope", or "ImThePope", or at least "PopeBenedict16". But no -- he's Pope2YouVatican, a name so convoluted that it sounds more like a robot spam account than the channel for Benedict's Papal dictations.

Also, my friend, you could really use a new background and account picture. Maybe let's just scrap the whole thing and start over. [The Daily Show]


    Wow. I definitely agree with the background comment. I felt like I was magically transported back to scripture class in the 1980s.

    The pope was not elected by God.
    The pope merely highlights his own stupidity by selecting such a random name; he is after all a random himself.

      You just said, "The pope is a random".

    Why does he have a weird Twitter name? Because he's a weird guy:

    I don't know what I find more disturbing....

    That Twitter name, or how the hell these people get elected as anyone of importance. Fuck logic.

      You answered your own question with "Fuck logic".

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