The Greatest Secret Booze Stash In The World

You might think you were tricky during high school with half a water bottle filled with vodka stuffed under your mattress, but this is a high-level liquor vault. The New York Times reveals a Prohibition architectural gem.

After buying a home in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighbourhood — where even babies drink the finest of wines without fear of the law — architect Eric Schiller discovered a hidden hatch in his stairway. With only a small hole to pry it open, the secret door revealed "a four-foot-deep (1.2m) space lined with shelves and containing a ladder down which a relatively nimble individual could have made his way to retrieve a well-concealed bottle of port or aged whiskey." No word if there was any century-old hooch down there, or just how extremely nightmarish it would be to accidentally lock yourself in a four-foot-deep liquor cabinet buried in the floor. [NYT]

Photo: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times


    Given that there would be an obvious seam in the timber, plus the 'hole', I would have though it was fairly obvious that it was a door, no?

      From the one photo it looks like the edges of the door line up with the "normal" edges of the floor boards and besides unless you were looking for it why would you expect it to be there.

        Strongly disagree, the slats on the door run 90degrees to the rest of the door and in order to get your finger in the stated hole it would be big enough to see. Having said that, the article is a bit of fluff, so not worth arguing over. :)

          He probably pulled the existing carpet and "discovered" it.

    Agree with Bcam - the dowel at the bottom of the skirting board seems to have a gap underneath, as though fitted on top of a carpet.

    would definitely hear it if you were walking it.

    large hollow boom it'd make

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