The Funniest Comics About Our Crappy Passwords

The Funniest Comics About Our Crappy Passwords

Losing your password isn’t funny. Well, it’s not funny to you. To the rest of us, it can be hilarious. The sort of point-and-laugh hilarity that comes from losing access to a dating site right when you find the perfect girl. Comic artists have taken the pain, monotony and humiliation of dealing with passwords and created something we can all agree on. Your passwords suck.

We’ve already seen the greatest comic about passwords from XKCD. These comics can also be used as teaching tools. OK, that’s a stretch. Just enjoy the hilarity.

Make sure you click on each comic to see the full-size version.

PC Weenies: That moment when you think you’ve been hacked and you’ve lost your account. Oh god, oh god, oh god. Oh wait, never mind.

Toothpaste for Dinner: If you’re forced to share your password with someone (probably your husband or wife), suddenly your odd combination of words becomes very embarrassing and telling.

PVP: With all the accounts out there, you’ll probably forget at least one of those passwords. It’s important you create a hint that only you understand.


The Joy of Tech: We shouldn’t laugh at senility. this could be you someday.

CTRL+ALT+DEL: Guess what, you’re not a hacker. Maybe you shouldn’t even try.

Penny Arcade: Another password hint comic. Seriously, make sure these make sense to you and only you.


Amazing Super Powers: Sometimes you just don’t want to know what a person’s password is.