The Chimp Has Better Memory Than Most Humans

The BBC has a new program called Super Smart Animals. In their first episode they showed Ayumu, a chimpanzee that can memorise the location of a random sequence of numbers in less time than it takes a human to blink: 60 milliseconds.

Unless you are a savant, you will not be able to do the same.

Ayumu was born in Kyoto University, Japan, where he has spent his life learning under the close supervision of scientists from the Ai Project, a research program dedicated to investigate chimpanzee intelligence.

The program, hosted by Liz Bonin, will be going through more than just chimps. It will cover specific individuals the world's most intelligent animals, from dogs to dolphins to orangutans to octopus to goldfish. [BBC]

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    planet of the apes right there

    It should be the time to consider those apes as a human race and give them all the respect they deserve.

    Them Apes is not Humans....

    Remember there is a Classification system for everything for animals: KPCOFGS Homo Sapien (Sapien) and "Panina Pan (trylodytes/paniscus)" are different.... by a Genus or 2...

    If we let them into the Human classification we will also have to let in Whales, Dogs, Birds, worms etc as they all have redeeming features and amazing abilities....

    Forget any emotive arguments... they are not Human..... (BUT then again some of our fair subspecies appear non human also....)

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