Tesla's Model X Scores $US40 Million In Reservations

Reports indicate that reservations for Tesla's brand new shiny Model X have hit $US40 million. That's a solid start for a car you won't be able to climb into until at least 2014. GigaOM reports on the brisk reservations of the Tesla Model X, a falcon-winged all-electric car that Tesla expects to sell for between $US50,000-70,000 each. It was unveiled late last week, with reservations going live then, along with a note that production was expected to begin in "late 2013" and that "significant deliveries" would start in 2014. Getting $US40 million in reservations is thus something of a coup, especially considering that uptake of electric cars in certain markets (Australia, notably being one) hasn't been that swift. [Tesla via GigaOM]

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