Telstra's Sending Its Customer Support To Facebook

Telstra's launched what it's calling a 'dedicated' customer service presence on Facebook, as well as a trial version of My Telstra on Facebook, allowing customers to securely access their customer accounts via the popular social media portal. I've got to say that the concept of putting things like my banking details on Facebook — a site which changes its privacy rules on seemingly a daily basis — gives me pause for thought. That being said, Facebook is incredibly popular, so I can see what Telstra's getting at with the push, which starts today with a dedicated Facebook-based support team operating at all hours; by June the full release of the whole Telstra package, including the ability to check your Telstra accounts in the same way you can from Telstra's own web site will go live. If you do want to be an early adopter, you'll need to be quick, as the release notes that it'll only be open to the first 1,000 customers to link their Telstra accounts via Facebook. [Telstra Facebook]

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