Telstra Lodges NBN Split Plan

The NBN going nationwide took an important step yesterday, as Telstra lodged its formal plan for structural separation. The Australian reports on the move, which will see Telstra transfer its fixed line monopoly to NBN Co in return for $11 billion. The plan sets out the pricing that Telstra's rivals will use on the copper network as the NBN rolls out over the next ten years. It's still subject to ACCC approval, but at this stage that appears to be not much more than a formality. The report quotes ACCC commissioner Ed Willet as stating that

'In our discussions with Telstra last week, the company addressed some of those issues. It got to the point that if Telstra's undertaking was lodged in accordance with those changes, then there shouldn't be any issues with the ACCC accepting the plan.'

[The Australian]

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