Stunning Humidifier Makes Me Forget How Much I Hate Winter

As an adult, I've grown to dislike the dry, cold winter months, but after gazing upon the serene beauty of this simple bottle-shaped humidifier, I no longer hate it. In fact, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to hate again.

The humidifier was designed by Cloud and Co for the Japanese market, where humidifiers are plentiful and rarely aesthetically pleasing. But with its plastic antibacterial shell and clear glass bottom, this humidifier is the antithesis of garish.

With half a litre of water it will run for up to 13 hours, and it's powered by a retractable USB cable that's tinted a muted red providing a lovely contrast. And not only will it calm your senses and sooth your chapped lips, it's also got an anti-bacterial filter so it's not going to pass along anything nasty lurking in the water.

As for availability, it looks like sometime in July, but they're only going to sell it in Japan. So I guess there's at least one thing for me to still hate. [Cloud and Co via Core77 via OhGizmo!]



    i cant wait for it to get cold and dry.

      oh but the humidity is just so fun

    Cold and dry please, Sydney weather sucks. Even when it's not hot, it's humid. Why would I want a humidifier.

      It always makes me laugh hearing people from Sydney and Melbourne whinge about humidity. Try north QLD or the NT during the build up.

        Fuckin' oath mayyyyte. I'm in Brisbane and it's hellish. The day I spent in Cairns a while back was crazy.. it's like breathing water. That said, everywhere had air conditioning so it was acceptable, in Brisbane it's almost lame to have aircon.

    this might be good for my son's eczema coz everytime we're in asia, his skin is really good.

    Yeah, not sure this article has a lot of relevance here in Oz.
    Is there anywhere here in Oz that actually gets "Dry"?.
    i know it can get cold in a lot of places but are there any parts of Oz where the humidity gets low enough for a humidifier?
    (genuine question, not being sarcastic)

      Yes. Alpine and sub-alpine areas can get very dry in winter. Canberra also has dry winters.

      Also, the dryness people experience indoors in places like Canberra in winter is exacerbated by ducted gas heating, which produces very warm, but very dry air.

      On a positive note though, it means you can dispense with a clothes dryer an just place your washing on a drying rack over (or under) the vents.

      Sydney gets pretty dry in winter and if you bike ride or skate then you get chaffed to buggery.

    agree here in oz you get dry air in winter.. i use humidifier in our house to keep me moist, i have dry skin too so gets me allergic and itchy when its too dry, humidifier saves me.

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