Star Wars 3D Kids Trailer Is Goofy And Horribly Wrong

The Phantom Menace is coming to 3D — but you already knew that. For my own sins, I'm going to see it this weekend. But if you're a kid, though, George Lucas has a special trailer just for you. A special, awful trailer. (Spoiler alert: I'm going reveal plot details from a thirteen year old movie within)

Where do I start? Aside from the general awful cheeriness of the whole thing — which could be excused by the fact that it's rather specifically targeted at the kids audience — there's the little fact that the narrator tells Qui-Gon to hurry up so as not to miss the celebration at the end of the film. As (to give credit where it's due) Badass Digest points out, by the time the movie comes to the point of the celebration, Qui Gon is DEAD.

And he's not just dead, but they've incinerated him too.

Going to make it a bit tough to make it to the big party when you're a pile of ashes. [BadassDigest via ToplessRobot]

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