Sony Working On Its Own Kinect

A patent filed in late 2011, but which has only been published this month, reveals that Sony is working on its own version of Kinect, Microsoft's popular motion-sensing peripheral for the Xbox 360 (and now PC).

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Of course, the argument could be made that Kinect was Microsoft's own version of Sony's EyeToy (indeed, this new patent directly references 2003 trademarks Sony owns), a camera released almost a decade ago on the PlayStation 2, but it's too nice a day here to get bogged down in that quagmire.

The patent is for a "USER-DRIVEN THREE-DIMENSIONAL INTERACTIVE GAMING ENVIRONMENT", which would involve plugging a camera into a PlayStation and using it to read both a player's movements and their positioning in a 3D space.

It was filed by none other than Richard Marks, the main man behind Sony's PlayStation Move peripheral.

Now, as with any other patent, remember this doesn't mean Sony will be releasing a 3D camera for the PS3 (or a future console). It just means the company is thinking about it.


Originally published on Kotaku

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    So playstation move was a bit of a fail then lol. I bought the starter kit used it once then never used it again

      Hear Hear,

      am slightly ashamed to admit that I spent my hard earned cash on that failed Wii clone.

      Move has sold pretty well.

      Also Sony patented something like this long before Kinect was thought of. Nothing ever came of it.

    Breaking News!

    Sony's Wii ripoff is a failure, so they start work on a Kinect ripoff

      And yet neither of them will have a good game.

    This has already been posted on Kotaku, Its seems to actually be the patent for the PS Eye, since that did\does what the kinect does but you know like years before

      The Eyetoy doesn't see depth, it just has coding that can see movement. The Kinect can see movement, depth and can trach up to 4 people with the current setup. So yeah, the kinect is just like the eyetoy. Exactly the same.

    If anybody says the move was/is a failure, they are being somewhat foolish. Yes, it might not have been the greatest commercial success story for Sony, but think of it as field R&D. They learnt a lot, and they are also undoubtedly reverse engineering the kinect as well.

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