Samsung Rugby Is Waterproof And Cheap

Water is one of your most fearsome enemies, and it shouldn't be. Yes, yes, you need water to survive, but you know what else your can't live without these days? Your smartphone. So, please, more tough phones like the new Samsung Rugby Smart.

Giz Au Editor's Note: No word as yet as to whether we'll get the Rugby, although with a name like that... c'mon Samsung!

This promotional video might be a tad hokey, but its message is spot on: you drop phones when you pull them out of your pocket, and you spill on them. Maybe you don't drop your phone in a shallow creek, but you're definitely at risk of losing it in the toilet at least once a day. Heck, you could plop the Rugby Smart in the toilet and forget about it for 30 minutes, and it'll still be alright. Why can't my iPhone do that?

And here's the thing: the Samsung Rugby Smart only costs a hundred bucks. It's a mid-range, 4G Android phone. There's nothing special about its specs except that it's indestructible. We've discussed this before, but it warrants another mention: every gadget should be this waterproof. [Samsung]



    I want to see it fully submerged and being used underwater

    @Sam: a capacitive touch screen submerged in all that conductive fluid = no dice. Although, an underwater camera setting which disables the touchscreen, bundled with a dedicated shutter button would be feasible.

    "...every gadget should be this waterproof..."

    Agreed. Instead of selling "mid-range" tough phones like this (and the Motorola Defy) - why not build the Galaxy S II to be as hardy as this?

      This is where Samsung and others would do well to follow Apple's lead.- it's great to have a lot of choice of different configurations, sizes and specs (essential really), but you also want that one top of the range device that has everything a company can give it.
      People WILL pay for it.

    100 bucks? what are you on?? I can't find it for anything under 300 on ebay, let alone the fact I can only find it in America...

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