Rumourmodo: iPad 3 Will Be LTE-Capable

The iPad 3 rumours keep coming thick and fast. Multiple sources are saying the 7th of March will be the unveiling date, and now the Wall Street Journal is indicating that the iPad 3 will be LTE-capable. Is it all just rumour fluff, or an example of Apple's careful-leak policy (which is, in itself, a rumour...)?

Nobody knows, but the hype mill is certainly working overtime, as it seemingly does with every Apple release. The LTE rumours in this case relate to the 4G networks operated in the United States by Verizon and AT&T, but in Australia, 4G is still so far a one-horse race.

LTE could make things very interesting for an iPad 3 announcement in Australia, depending on the capabilities of the chipset Apple choses to use underneath the iPad 3's display. If it's LTE-only, that'd restrict it to Telstra's 1800Mhz implementation, and Apple would have to custom build. If it's capable of dropping down to HSPA+, it could work on multiple carriers, but we'd have a "slow" iPad 3. It's equally possible that Apple may only launch a WiFi iPad 3 in Australia, or skip a generation, as it did with the original iPhone. [Wall Street Journal via Macrumors]

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