Rumourmodo: iPad 3 Event Early March?

You know how it goes… rumour sites get an idea, somebody cryptically "confirms" it, and suddenly it's set in stone. Today's rumour du jour? Apple will launch the iPad 3 in early March. Today's rumour comes from AllThingsD, which states that "sources" (quote marks my own) say that Apple will hold an event in the first week of March to announce the iPad 2's successor. MacRumors notes that Jim Dalrymple at The Loop (it's all a bit he-said-because-I-heard-from-my-friend-Chinese-whispers at this point…) quotes the post with a simple "yep" at the end. Make of that what you will.

But will it be the iPad 3, or the iPad 2S, or something else again? Nobody knows, and like most rumours regarding Apple, it's best to grab the salt shaker and take a hefty swig before implicitly trusting them. [AllThingsD and The Loop via Macrumors]

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