Rumourmodo: Google X Glasses By Year's End?

Google's heads-up-display project, Google X, is certainly a head turning idea, matching up the kind of heads-up-display you'd associate with video games or movies with a real world of glasses that we're told look like Oakley Thumps. A new report suggests that we might see them at retail by the end of the year. Colour me interested — and not just because I wear glasses, but because a well-engineered heads up display could make AR apps a pleasant reality, rather than a socially awkward and fiddly one. The New York Times reports from 'sources' (it's always 'sources' when you're dealing with rumours) that Google's working to a timeline that would see its Google X specs on sale to consumers by the end of the year at the price of a current smartphone. I'm guessing here — and there's really no further information to impart — that we'd be talking a premium Samsung or Apple smartphone, price-wise, and not a Huawei or ZTE cheap model. [New York Times]

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