Recycled Airbag Backpacks Save The Environment, Not Lives

After an airbag deploys it's not like you can just cram it back into your steering wheel and carry on. They have to be cut out and replaced, which gives MariClaRo the materials it uses to create this lovely backpack.

Because of the stresses it endures when it's literally exploded into a driver's face, the fabric material used in airbags can't be re-used again in case it fails. But it's still perfectly suited to the rigours of hauling laptops, textbooks and sweaty gym clothes. So Toronto-based MariClaRo turns them into these one of a kind backpacks that are individually made to order.

As a result delivery takes up to three weeks after ordering, but considering they're made from 99 per cent recycled materials and probably have an interesting back story you'll always wonder about, I think it's totally worth the wait. As for the $US300 price tag, I'll leave that up to you. [MariClaRo via Ecouterre]

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