Pigeon Sold Online For $309,000

That's one expensive racing pigeon — and it's a fair bet the buyer didn't use Paypal. Although, logically speaking, the buyer could use the homing pigeon to deliver the purchase price to the seller. I suspect I'm over-thinking this... You can, indeed, sell anything online — even racing pigeons. The UK Telegraph reports on the online sale that took place on Belgian website Pigeon Paradise, where a single bird was snapped up by a Chinese shipping magnate. He's not going to throw them into zero gravity. Or trap them in a big nasty net. Or indeed, as we've covered before, use them for illicit prison smuggling routines. No instead, he's going to breed from the uber-expensive avian, bought for the princely sum of £209,000, or roughly $309,000 by today's exchange rates.

Leaving aside the fact that I had this mental image of pigeon fanciers as little ageing men in flat caps, I've got to think that if Google ever did get around to properly implementing pigeon rank, at these kinds of prices they're going to go broke. [Telegraph via Born Rich] Image: Pank Seelen

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