Photo Proof Of Telstra's 4G Samsung Galaxy S II?

Well yes, and no. These photos sent to Giz from an anonymous Telstra Shop employee certainly seem to back up this morning's evidence of an incoming 4G-capable GS2. The catch? It’s an in-store dummy model — until, our tipster claims — it launches on or around the 28th alongside the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 8.9 with 4G, Nokia Lumia 810 and Telstra’s 4G Prepaid USB modem. Fingers crossed.

As with all rumours, take the info with a grain of salt, but it’s worth noting that a separate source told Ausdroid about the Telstra dummy Samsung models earlier this week.

At the end of January, Telstra told Gizmodo that it plans to release “three or four” 4G smartphones by mid-April 2012, along with a tablet and a couple of Wi-Fi hotspots. We’ve seen the HTC Velocity 4G, so our tipster's list above may well be the next wave. We’ll know soon enough.


    These arrived in stores early this week, I can confirm that. Also look for a small price drop on the Velocity in the coming weeks.

    Lumia 810?
    The page you have it linked to is a Giz story with the 800 featured.

      they must have got the 710 and 800 mixed..

    Well havnt seen any s2 4g dummies yet but the zoom 2 launches on tuesday next week and the Velocity see's a price drop on the 28th of Feb alongside Telstra's New Bundle prices and family calls now included in all bundles.

    strange they have changed the lens/flash orientation. Does this version of galaxy s 2 have a bigger screen?

    why bother with a 4g galaxy s2 why not wait till the 4g s3 comes out in april??? silly!

      April? Confirmation link?

        I don't think there's any confirmation, beyond the fact that we already know Samsung plans to make a separate announcement for the S3 (Not in the MWC), and such an announcement would be made within the first half of this year.

          Ahh I hear you. Still, "announcement" and "comes out" can be months apart. Hopefully not though.

        I will LOL so hard if this becomes to the GSII what the 4S became to the 4.


    The Galaxy Tab dummy that we got in store has 4G on the back as well, so its all true provided they do manufacture it like the dummy.

    if thats the dummy we received at work the other day its the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE

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