People Thought Oprah Was Whitney On Facebook

Whitney Houston, the diva of divas, passed away yesterday at the too-young age of 48. Anyone who has ever heard Whitney in her prime will always remember the singular power of her voice. Unless, that is, you thought she was Oprah Winfrey.

Seriously. The idiocy of the internet never ceases to surprise me. It's Oprah for god sakes! It's Whitney Houston! Oprah might be the most recognisable women on this planet.

A quick tip for those using Facebok: do a quick Google Images search before you post any picture messages to Facebook. We all know you probably meant no harm but making these mistakes showcase your complete ignorance more than it shows any sort of compassion for giving well wishes.

There are seriously multiple Facebook posts just like this one.


Which freaked out some people.

And confused the hell out of others.

Rest in paradise, Whitney. [BuzzFeed]

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