Optus Takes AFL Boss To Court

Here's a new twist in the Optus TV Now saga: Optus is taking legal action against AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou for saying that the service allows viewers to "steal" content.

Picture by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

In a weekend interview with the Herald Sun, Demetriou encouraged AFL fans to not use Optus, saying that the TV Now service was a form of "stealing". That wasn't what the Federal Court found in its initial judgement earlier this month, but the case has been appealed and there's lots of noise about changing the law so that sports can continue to make millions of dollars selling TV rights.

And now there's another court case in the mix. Here's Optus' statement (from its corporate and government affairs GM Clare Gill) confirming its plans for legal action:

Optus believes the recent statements made by Mr Demetriou in the Herald Sun are misleading and deceptive in relation to stealing and lifting content. are disappointed to see the AFL continue this line and as a result Optus is taking the relevant legal action to defend our name. Optus is simply providing a recording and storage service that enables Australians to play back Free to Air TV content, including all associated advertising, at a time more convenient. As the court upheld on 1 February 2012, all Australians are entitled to use personal video recording devices such as these and to suggest otherwise is misrepresenting what this case about. Optus will continue to defend what we believe are the rights of our consumers now and into the future.

It's days like these I regret not taking a law degree.

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