Optus Is Buying Vivid Wireless

Today's big telecoms news is that Optus has announced it's buying Vivid Wireless for $230 million, with the intent to use Vivid's existing spectrum to boost its 4G network using LTE-TDD. The highlights of the full statement released by Optus reads as follows:

Giz Au Editor's Comment: There's a lot to take in here -- including the not-so-subtle jab at Telstra's not-quite 4G speeds, the fact that Optus' new network may be compatible with overseas LTE devices (including possibly the rumoured LTE iPad 3) and for that matter what'll happen to Vivid's existing wireless plans and customers. I'm waiting to hear back from Optus on where it now sits in the 4G space, and will update as soon as I hear back.

Optus today announced that it has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire Vividwireless Group Limited (which operates under the vividwireless and unwired brands) from Seven Group Holdings (SGH), for an expected cash consideration of A$230 million.

- Through the acquisition, Optus will also gain access to up to 98MHz of spectrum in the 2.3GHz band, a band already used by some of the world’s leading operators to provide 4G services.

- Optus plans to use this spectrum to build a new 4G network using LTE-TDD technology.

- This new network will deliver wireless broadband to households and businesses in metropolitan Australia with typical download speeds ranging from 25Mbps to 87Mbps – twice as fast as existing competitive 4G services. It will be integrated with Optus’ 1800MHz 4G network, which will be launched in Newcastle and the Hunter region of New South Wales in April 2012.



    If they take away my unlimited plan, I'll not be a happy camper.

      I will second you on that. Thanks to Telstra this has been my only viable internet option for a while. I don't fancy having Optus come in and muck it up.

    I had Unwired years ago and it was terrible. Good riddance!

      Different technology, bro., Unwired was an older implementation. No major issues here after moving twic.

        Forgive the mistakes, keyboard causing the mobile site to jump around. That was meant to say that I've had no major issues through moving twice and staying with them. Just like any wireless technology, results will vary.

    Looks like another set of job losses. I know a guy who works there - hope he's still got a job in a few weeks.

    How will the network be compatible with overseas LTE devices? Pretty sure that we are the only ones using the 1800MHz frequency.

      "Through the acquisition, Optus will also gain access to up to 98MHz of spectrum in the 2.3GHz band, a band already used by some of the world’s leading operators to provide 4G services."

    I'd be stoked if this meant I could get out of my Naked DSL2+ contract with Optus (where I can only get 3mbps) and switch to a wireless 4g product getting 5mbps+.

    Probably wishful thinking though seeing as I can only get 1 bar at my house on my Optus mobile :(

    Optus will purchase as much spectrum in the 700MHz frequency as possible (40MHz) from what I'm hearing and then roll on with the 2.3GHz-2.5GHz spectrum also.. Things should get interesting seeing as they don't have to outlay too much moulah for their existing spectrum licenses..

    This will all but end Vodafone's position as an inferior competitor

    I'm pleased i went to Telstra from Optus with there coverage problems on the 2.1 Ghz 3G and 2.3 Ghz 4G would be like 2.1 Ghz dropouts when on the phone and 2.3 Ghz would be the same with the internet if optus wants customers they would have to get the 700 mhz up and running before they loose most of them and i have herd that most people are porting from Optus and Vodafone to Telstra and i did the same with 3 mobile numbers.

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