One Groove Turns Soap Bar Slivers Into Infinite Soap

It's certainly a first world problem, but finding a way to use a bar of soap once it's become a tiny sliver is tricky dammit. That's why I love this brilliant Stack soap featuring a groove for merging the previous bar.

What's particularly great about the idea is that it's a tiny change to the shape of the bar. It just adds a grooved indent so you can stack the previous bar on top, and after a few uses, they'll be stuck together for good.

And once that merged bar is reduced to a sliver, you can then stack it on top of a new bar again, creating a hygienic circle of life that means you'll never have to discard soap.

At the moment the Stack Soap is seeking funding on Kickstarter so they can create the expensive copper die that shapes the bars. They've already partnered with the company that makes soap for Whole Foods and Burt's Bees, and with just a dollar donation to the cause you're guaranteed at least six bars of the soap once they go into production. So right from the start you'll be saving money. [Kickstarter]



    The soap I buy already does this, though the groove is on both sides and is narrower, but it still works.

    I've been doing this (without fail) for the last 20 years. This is not an invention.

      A lot longer for me, you just have to wait until it's thin enough to bend around the new soap and apply a bit of pressure. I use Palmolive Gold which is a hard soap too. It will probably crack if it's too thick, but it will still work if you apply enough pressure

    Wait.... Doesn't everyone already do this?

      There has been alot of wasted soap if they dont..

    Infinite is the wrong word for this...

    i use liquid soap, so then if i drop it, i dont have to pick it up xD

    I think most of you missed the point - this is not about sticking an old bit of soap to a new one, it's about creating a bar shaped in such a way to facilitate it.

    I still wouldn't call it brilliant though.

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