Official Who/Star Trek Crossover Is Mindblowing

I think my head just exploded, but I'm not sure if that's in excitement, or to protect me from what could well be a crushing disappointment. For years, ardent Trek and Who fans have written all sorts of speculative fiction crossing over the universes of Doctor Who and Star Trek. Some of them you could even read before 9pm at night. In 2012, it appears that all this will come to fruition with an official comic crossover. Bleeding Cool reports on the move, which will apparently be officially announced at the Gallifrey One convention next week. IDW will publish a crossover comic that mixes Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation characters, with the current Matt Smith Doctor Who cast utilised. [Bleeding Cool]


    I read the headline and was hoping to see Roger Daltrey on the bridge - shattered.

      Or Roger Daltry as the new doctor... I'd start watching it again if that were the case.

    I bet you $20 that the TARDIS will appear in the holodeck... during a simulation.
    1. cos it would be boring just appearing on the shuttledeck
    2. nowhere else it would fit.
    3. and just think of the doctor trying to open a holgraphic lock on a door, and being confused about why its not working and not arriving at the right time/date.

    I just love that it's David Tennent pictured with (I dont' know her real name) Amy Pond and they talk about Matt Smith as the Doctor .....

      How can you even confuse the two? They look NOTHING alike.

      Can't tell if trolling or just stupid.

    unfortunetly that is not David Tennent....

      Yeah, I don't even watch the show but even I recognise Matt Smith's weird squished head.

    Will Data adopt K9?
    Will the Doctor shout 'engage'
    Who knows, who cares
    These two universes are never meant to cross paths, they operate on completely different principles... give them their dignity PLEASE!!!!!

      I've found a fantastic new way to not have to see or read things you don't like.

      It's quite revolutionary, so deal with me.


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