Nevada First US State To Approve Self-Driving Cars

While Google has been testing autonomous cars for years now, no state has allowed cars to legally roam free without a driver at the wheel. That's just changed: Nevada now allows self-driving cars on its roads.

According to PC Mag, autonomous test vehicles will display a red licence plate, as opposed to the state's usual bluish-gray. When the time comes for consumers to have their own self-driving cars, they'll come with green licence plates.

Policing autonomous vehicles is a contentious issue — so this is a huge leap forward for Google. [PC Mag; Image: Jurvetson]


    Rural India, driverless forgenerations, fraction of price & user friendly
    Here is my personal experience with how it works in remote villages all across India:

    Oh this made my day. I CANNOT WAIT for the day Melbourne gets autonomous cars so that I won't have to drive amongst a sea of incompetence.

    People who can't indicate, people who speed, people who go too slow in the right lane, and my favourite: people who drive down freeway on-ramps at 60km/h.

    Bring on autonomous cars!!!

      I drive down the onramp at 60km/h until I go past the 100km/g signpost

        which delays everyone behind you in the 10 car queue which is bumper to bumper, then if its busy on the highway you have all those 10 cars waiting going in at about 60-80 onto a 100 zone.

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