NBN To Launch Satellites in 2015

NBN Co has revealed that it's selected Space Systems/Loral to build two Ka-band satellites at a cost of approximately $620 million which will be launched in 2015 to provide broadband services to remote rural locations. The satellites will service "around three percent of premises outside the reach of the NBN’s fibre optic and fixed-wireless services, including outback areas and Australia’s external territories such as Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Macquarie Island and the Cocos Islands." according to NBN Co's release.

If you are an NBN Satellite customer, you won't get the full speed you might with Fibre; the release quotes NBN Co Chief Executive Officer Mike Quigley as stating that

"NBN Co’s satellites have been designed to deliver initial peak speeds of 12/1 Mbps at the wholesale level for the same wholesale access price as similar fibre services. It will be possible for retail service providers to offer services to homes and businesses in the satellite footprint that are as good or better than the services many city people currently experience."

Still to come in the satellite tendering process are the satellite's ground systems and the process for launching the satellite, both of which will be announced at a later date. Until the satellites are launched, NBN Co will offer an interim service with a download speed of up to 6Mbps. [NBN Co]



    *Cough* waste of cash *cough*

      Actually this works out to being a lower cost per head than everywhere else. 3% of the revised total of $27b is $810m. So if it is costing $620m to service this 3% then it is a reasonably cost effective method of delivery.

      Also, compare the coverage of a couple of satellites with the other options. Do you suggest they put up a bunch of wireless towers to cover all the isolated territories? A satellite is really the only way to go. Seeing that the plan has always been to get it to as many people as possible this is a cost effective solution to ensure the country folk don't get screwed again.

        How about this. They CHOSE to live in the middle of no where, therefore the lack of fast internet is the price of that. Why should we all pay for these people to download fast porn? I feel for their kids not being able to pawn me in MW3, but come on 628 MILLION! and that doesn't include launch and ground equipment.

          So? That's how our society works. Progressive tax system. Safety nets for the disadvantaged like pensions and youth allowance. That's how insurance works too.

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

        Actually the total spend for the Satellite division of NBN is $2b. The Satellites alone cost $620m, launching and other infrastructure costs comprise the remaining budget. I know the GM of the Sat division there, it's a remarkable job to have but constantly peppered by politics and false accusations.

    Is that before or after the roll it out to, you know, all us people who are actually within connected catchment area, cause, you, I'd kinda pay for!!

    Also, is that relient on the next government not shutting them down?!?!

      Pretty sure the Coalition hasn't yet developed space warfare capabilities.

    NBN will fail.

      Well it will if you don't support it! The Gillard Gov't may be back-stabbers but at least their not Luddites. Abbot thinks that just being negative and poo-pooing every thing will get him into the big boy's seat, Christ I hope not!

      Im gonna keep saying it, we need a 'save the NBN' campaign or the Libs will scrap it.

    What happened to using NewSat's satellites??

    Waste of $$ IMO.. Yet another Gillard Government POS...

    More contracts go off shore ? this Government is awesome !

    Newsat is already %90 done on launching Australia's first Satellite.

    Australian Financial Review says "Sources close to negotiations say that they gave the contract offshore because they needed someone already experienced and not starting up. ................. how ****king un-Australian is this ?

      Its not "contracts going off shore" its confidently deciding how to do something that needs to be done right. If the capability is OS then that's where you should go.

      Of itself, saying 90% done is meaningless. Maybe the last 10% will take them a decade.

    I congratulate the government on the NBN as it will bring great benefit to generations of Australians.

    Its a waste of money - what about the rapidly escalating cost of maintaining an aging copper network?
    Wireless is good enough - no its not. The more people that use wireless the worse it will run.
    NBN will fail - if you measure success in months then maybe. If you measure over a few years then it be a tremendous success.

    If Abbot was PM then the rich here would be significantly richer while the rest of us would be poor (in every respect).

      I totally agree. Stop having a cry over the NBN already!
      It will NOT fail as it HAS to be done sooner or later. Seriously, our network is way too outdated and so is our country when it comes to technology.

    Does this mean that the 3% will have the extra expense of having to buy a satellite Disk for their homes as an additional cost? Are they expensive?

      These services will be ludicrously expensive and will be subsidised by YOU!

        Ok if you know then tell us the cost. Or are you, as I suspect you are, trolling?

    The longer we wait to enter the 21st Century the more it will cost. I cant believe we have an opposition that would oppose the NBN, even while i have lost faith with everything else the labour government is doing, i believe the NBN MUST be built.

      The opposition isn't opposing an NBN, but it is opposing the extravagant waste of OUR money. The US has a plan to upgrade their internet systems, and its not costing them $46 billion dollars. This whole NBN project is just another union Shangri-La. It doesn't focus on new wireless technology over fibre. Like a fibre cables going to help me out in the field where I need decent service.

      Seriously though. The government shouldn't be involved we have a private sector in this space and it would've been done as part of their investment into their own business. Why the government thinks it needs to use tax payers money for this is ridiculous.

    I'm sick and tired of people automatically thinking the NBN is a bad idea for no other reason then they think the Gillard Government is shit.

    I hope they water that money tree otherwise we'd not have enough for gold plated back scratchers for the boat people. This is mad. Dear old grandad had a saying. Labor politicians have big hearts but little brains. Nothings changed. Anyone who thinks this won't end up like the pink batts, or the school halls debacle, is seriously fooling themselves.

    While I'm no longer fond of Gillard as I was at first, I love the fact NBN is going to happen (hopefully). The whole, oh no it costs money, WHO CARES. The government isn't a business, IT'S A SERVICE TO IMPROVE THE LIVING STANDARDS OF THE PEOPLE IT REPRESENTS. At least that's what it should be doing.

    I think its good building a NBN, but there needs to be a proper way to do it. They are just kinda throwing loads of money at things every time there is a problem. I think money would have been better spent building an optic fibre cable production facility in australia, and training up the workers. Also building all the splicing equipment, etc.... Also Producing all the hard ware such as the optic fibre media converters in australia to turn the optic signal to CAT5 signal.... etc, we are gonna end up buying a whole lot of hard ware from overseas. When we could easily hire consultants and set up in house manufacturing facilities, which provide jobs and also use them after the nbn is built to supply overseas global markets with state of the art equipment. But it looks like they chose to just go shopping around globally for everything we need. and we are just going to be left with a huge bill and an ongoing dependability for over seas suppliersfor hardware for servicing / maintaining the NBN equipment

    I am in Gladstone, Qld, the place which provided the Qld government with the money which keeps this state ticking over with lng. I am restricted to 45 gig a month, and when it gets used I am completely cut off from the internet until it clicks over the next billing cycle. I don't download porn as you accuse, I WAS in uni studying law but have had to defer as I cant attend live time sessions because of this. How fair is that? Not everyone uses the internet for porn. This is so unfair to be cut off the internet completely. MORE satellites should be launched as it isn't our fault no one will connect my suburb to anything but satellite

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