NBN Rollout Plans Now On Google Maps

Political squabbles aside, the most common complaint about the NBN is that people don't know when it'll roll out at their place. NBN Co's just launched an interactive Google map that'll let you check exactly when the NBN is coming home.

Also: Telstra Announces NBN Bundles

You can access the interactive map here, but before you do, it's worth knowing what it covers. There are limitations to the data that NBN Co's serving up; if you don't fit into the categories of commenced builds, rollout within twelve months or the current three-year plan, you won't show up on the map -- yet.

It's noted on the blog page that the next three year plan is due to be delivered before the end of March, so the map could change remarkably in a very short period of time. [NBN Co Blog] Image: NBN Co



    funny how they line up with labor electorates

      Did you actually check each site for the electorate or are you just being partisan?

      Strange, the Liberal electorate next to the Labor electorate I live in is getting it now while where I live misses out.

      You are kidding yourself if you think the liberals would do any different. Each MP has a duty to get the best for their electorate. Just because they hold power doesn't mean they start ignoring that and try to apply it fairly across the board.

      If you expect that from any politician for any policy you are living in fantasy land. It's the practicality of our system of government. Some will call it a reward for voting for them, others will call it a bribe.

        You're kidding yourself if you think any safe labor seats get anything other than a tube of lube waiting to be butt fucked. You stupid lemmings should realise you need to make your seats marginal to get any attention. Labor loves lemmings. It keeps them in power, which is pretty much all they're good at. That and home insulation, oh wait..... Cheap set top boxes for the elderly, oh wait, school halls? Grocery watch? Petrol watch? Anything? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

      Hahaha, I wish dude. Would mean my electorate would be on that map for work commenced and such. It ain't.

      In that case Dave, you should email Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott and tell them that you support the NBN and that they should as well.

      After all - if the Liberal electorates want to support Tony Abbott's NBN stance, that's hardly Labors fault.

      By the way, there was a little bit of sarcasm in my response to you, however I think you should know that the NBN rollout is NOT based on whether an electorate is Liberal or not.

      To a degree this is true. eg in Sydney Liberal heart land there is not a single proposal for miles. yet around marginal and labour seats there are more. Macquarie park, Chatswood and North Sydney should all at least have one marker.

        Makes sense, for years Telstra has cherry-picked the wealthy suburbs to upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure - which, surprise, surprise matches up to Liberal electorates.

        So the question isn't why does it look like the rollout favours Labor electorates, but why all of the electorates weren't upgraded evenly throughout the Howard years of "letting private business do it better"..

        Actually, my area is surrounded by rollout markers, yet I seem to be missing out. Labour, I am disappoint

      So by 'they line up with labor electorates' you mean....
      They are spread out all over the country with each state and territory getting some sites.
      They tend to be around the coast following the existing lines (and the coast is dominated by labor).
      In tassie NT and the ACT they are ALL IN LABOR ELECTORATES (because and I will give you a hint here.... all the electorates are labor electorates).
      Inner city, easy to introduce sites tend to be Labor.
      One independent electorate was chosen as a launch site in April 2010 (they obviously knew they would need him)
      Turnbulls electorate and ones like it were chosen NOT to be sites because they already had good quality fast paytv line to tide them over.
      The sites seem to be close enough to 50/50 in most states.
      Have I missed anything here?

      Toowoomba is encompassed entirely within the Groom electorate federally. It has never fallen to a Labor candidate; LNP every time since it was instated in the 80s. So how about you stop making crap up.

      Wow, ignorant much? Toowoomba is a second round site and is an EXTREMELY safe Conservative seat.

      Dave you must have a short memory. Howard dithered for the 12 or so years he was in power and came up with nothing. At least we can say Labour (and Conroy) got stuck in, came up with a plan and are now implementing it. So why the hell shouldn't they roll out to their supporters first instead of the Liberal luddites???

    Good to see the technology being used, but it's a pretty depressing map to look at. unless your house suddenly becomes not-made-yet it seems we're stuffed.

    Damn it!

    It looks like work will begin in July, across the road from my house!

    Well I hope its not my tax dollars putting it in Labor electorates, thought we were all paying for this expensive cockup

    Just checked what do you know not happening yet. Funny thing is I know for a fact from someone who puts the fibre in the ground that its already there ready to go just not connected yet. Love how the system works. We deserve better.

    well im in Paul Fletchers Electorate(Paul is the anti Christ against the NBN). So im pretty confident that my area will be last if ever to get the NBN! :(

      I'm in Tony Abbott's electorate, I think I'm more likely to be last... Unless he wins the next election, but then the plug might be pulled on the scheme altogether if that happens. :\

    This makes me very, very happy. Maps weren't available on the website, so i'd lost hope - NOW, it has Narara in the 1 year category!

    Many happy dances have now commenced!

    Its so good to see the places in that provide the wealth for this roll out and actually need the upgrade to their services are getting in on the action, Oh wait ..........South East Corner........ At least they are loyal to their voters

    So Im looking at 2+ years until its possibly available for me.
    Im on the edge of a fuzzy pink area, but when I zoom in the pink area vanishes. Cant tell if Im covered or not.

    I'm in Gillard's electorate and work has only 'commenced' in 2 estates in Point Cook (which I believe were from trial periods back in the day). Sanctuary Lakes, one of the largest estates in the area, is in desperate need or updates on the exchange and there is nothing listed there.

    Things are so bad here that most people look to Optus wireless plans as there is an Optus tower in the estate, but the traffic is so heavy that most of the time the tower is dead. I guess this is karma for me not giving Judas her vote when the time came around

    And still nothing for where I live.

    Stuck in the dead centre between all the local exchanges, so my suburb either can't get ADSL2 depending where you live, or maxes out about 2.5mb.

    Only other option really is TransACT cable which is an absolute rip off with rubbish local ISP's who can't even stream youtube.

    3G isn't an option, can't game and small download limits.

    It says Bli Bli, but like 2kms from my house. I hope that means it'll get to me.

    So an area's not on the map (Specifically in my case: "The rest of Canberra not Gungahlin") - We must assume it's never getting covered?

    Wonderful. Now I can watch an amazing waste of money go down the S bend on google maps now. Will it have a street view of Steven Conroy taking a giant dump on the Australian publics lawn too? That'd be worth $43 billion won't it?

      It must be hard being an idiot.

    For everyone here who is talking about the political side of the NBN...

    JUST FUCK OFF. No-one cares about you one sided views.

    Go to a polital news forum if you want to argue who is better. And to the people who actually commented on the NBN having something to do with the internet, well done.


    Hi guys,
    I'm the Digital Comms Manager at NBN Co and I just wanted to say that we'll be adding the three year rollout to the maps before the end of March which will give many a good indication of when work will commence in their area.

    Once we start in an area it usually takes around 12 months for us to finish and then make the area live. This is one of the largest infrastructure programs in the world and connecting every single premise in Australia takes time but at peak rollout we should be connecting around 6,000 premises a day which is pretty impressive in my eyes.

    Anyway, just wanted to pass on that information. Hope it helps.


      Nice to see the NBN Co participating in comms for the rollout ... more of it please. Now for the important question :) ... if my town is not on the map (yes I'll check back at the end of March) is there anything the local Council can do to expedite that ?

      This is just a question based on the current political news, if the NBN isn't finished by the time Labour inevitably gets removed from power, then will the Liberals continue it, or will NBN Co. continue the program in the private sector?

    surely the greatest need for the NBN is in our centers of commerce, universities and hospitals? The role out seems to avoid most of these areas? It doesnt even focus on areas which dont have adsl? Just completely random locations which already have adsl? imagine the benefits that couldve been gained by focusing on these areas.

      Etnelav - Our network rollout is designed by some amazing people. Reasons for locations in trial areas included topography, geography, density, population etc. We also have to build the transit network to connect everything as well. Plus we are building out from many of the trial sites. On top of that we are working on the Satellite and Fixed Wireless service which will reach out to around 7% of Australian premises and both will be complete by 2015.

    May you can answer a question for me on the maps then. I'm in Tamworth and the maps show the coverage for the wireless, which there seems to be some very large gaps in the main residential parts of Tamworth. What does this mean ? No NBN or no wireless ?

      It means that the main residential area of Tamworth will be getting a fibre connection. We are announcing the three year rollout plan before the end of March so stay tuned.

    to me its a sad state of affairs when you look at alot of the places currently being covered - especially in WA
    Geralton - Large areas of nothing covered - residential - nothing - they even have a marker in the oceon
    South of Perth - National parks covered - residential - nothing and the areas near the CBD already have adsl2+ and cable and they get 1st selection - areas with no adsl - not listed
    they say they are doing it for best takeup yet to cover areas that currently have 100mb cable to me will not be fast takeup since most people are happy with the 1mb up they get from telstra

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