Naked And Famous Making Hemp Denim Jeans

Naked And Famous Making Hemp Denim Jeans

Naked and Famous Denim, the craziest jeans company in the world, is getting even wonkier. Along with other jeans, Naked and Famous is releasing Japanese raw denim woven with silk, hemp or gauze, and a ridiculously awesome pair of jeans that’ll fade red as you wear it (rather than white).

Naked and Famous, if you don’t remember, is the same denim company that previously made the glow-in-the-dark and raspberry scratch-n-sniff jeans. The whole Spring 2012 line consists of 12 different styles of denim, but these are easily the weirdest pants around. [Naked and Famous]

Silk Blend Denim: The raw Japanese denim is woven with 30 per cent silk to make the pants softer and stretchier and not the typical raw stiff stovepipe jeans. $US180. [imgclear]

Hemp Blend Selvedge Denim:Same idea as the silk denim but made with hemp instead. The hemp adds a tinge of brown to the otherwise dark denim. Good for the lovers of grass, I’d imagine. $US165. [imgclear]

Gauze Double Weave: If you’re a weirdo and don’t like jeans because they’re too rough, these Gauze Double Weave jeans are lined with gauze to make it super soft. Won’t chafe the jewels. $US155. [imgclear]

Red Core Selvedge Denim: Now this is where it gets prettttttty awesome. Unlike normal jeans that fade to white as you wear them more (because the indigo loses it colour), this pair of jeans will reveal a red. The yarn is core dyed red an then the rope dyed indigo. 14oz denim. $US210.