McDonald's Miracle-Flavoured Rice Will Be Deliciously Disgusting

The creativity that went in inventing McDonald's Miracle-Flavoured Rice is so beyond my little human brain that I'd have to be high as a kite to understand the magic. But oh the magic. The culinary geniuses at RocketNews24 cooked rice with a Big Mac, fries, chicken nuggets, sauce and coke to deliver what has to be the most delicious flavour of rice ever.

Look at the audaciousness of it all! I can't even pretend to think that there was science behind this, it's just the wonderful midnight logic of combining two awesome things in hopes that something even more awesome will come out of it (like Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby). That hope, of course, would be that the flavour of McDonald's -- which permeates everything under le arc de golden, I mean, you can taste it in the coke, feel it in the napkins, see it in the play pen for god's sake -- will extend itself into the flavour absorbing nature of white rice. I believe it will and I believe it will be delicious.

Have you ever had Hainanese chicken rice? The rice is cooked with chicken stock and is transformed from a starchy glob of plain white rice to an explosively tasty treat. Have you ever had Katsudon? It's a Japanese dish that's basically a bunch of deliciousness over rice. The flavours of that "deliciousness" often leaks itself onto the rice which in turn makes everything even more delicious. You see where I'm going here? Cooking rice with McDonald's stock and then eating McDonald's deliciousness over McDonald's rice is simply inspired. McDonald's Miracle Flavored Rice has the potential to reach the heights of a Hainan Chicken Rice and Katsudon love child. This, my friends, could be Red and Yellow Ivy.

Anyways. We're eating McDonald's Micracle-Flavoured Rice this weekend, and we'll definitely update you on how it all tastes. In the mean time, what do you guys think? Delicious because of the McOoze of Mickey D flavours or disgusting because the texture of everything will make it McSoggy? If you want to join the fun, the full instructions of making McDonald's Miracle-Flavoured Rice can be found here.

[RocketNews24 via Serious Eats]


    Call St Johns before you eat any of it please

    What's wrong with Americans?

      It's a Japanese youtube video not American. Look at the type of fancy mitsubushi rice cooker he uses! Look at the apartment! Japanese style.

      What's wrong with people? Not very observant.

      What is wrong with you Joel? you keep commenting on food articles about how bad Americans are, these articles aren't serious, take your American hating vegetable eating self elsewhere.

        agreed, people who say things like that have no idea anyway, leave joel just leave!

        Two comments because there were two articles, oh no I'm an American hater!
        I'm not an American hating vegetable eater.. but it's an American editor talking about how delicious McDonalds rice sounds. I cannot fathom how this sounds or looks good to anyone, American or not.

        I'll gladly take it back if you happily eat a bowl of this soggy crud.
        I like McDonalds, I don't like this.

    whats wrong with the rest of the world? Asians have been doing this for years with so many other foods.

      There's Japanese text on my washing machine, in my car. Yet I manage to be surprisingly unAsian.

    Can't you just tell from his finger nails... that is how i could tell it was asian...

    then the Japanese writing on the rice cooker was the most obvious thing.

    Leave out the coke, more sauce and swap the burger for a quarter pounder (no salad) and I would totally eat this.

    sorry. it was bugging me!

    Bet you've never eaten KFC Rice, been doing that for ages.

    This just turned my stomach..

    Why did they have to add the coke? That just ruins what would've otherwise been an interesting eat.

    I've been cooking with softdrinks (Coke included) for years. One of my favorites has been slowcooked Spicy Pork Ribs in which I use a can of coke cola. An other was a Mango Chicken where I used a half can of Fanta..

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