Max Payne 3 Prize Pack Winner!

Max Payne 3 Prize Pack Winner!

Our Max Payne 3 prize pack was hotly contested, with many quality entries dealing with the life of a humble gold watch. But which entry was truly worthy of the prize pack? Congratulations to StewartX, whose clown-centric entry only narrowly edged out the competition to claim the prize pack. We’ll be in touch shortly to get your pack sent out to you.

Here’s the winning entry:

BoBo the clown raised his pistol to the temple of Max’s head.

“I told you this city was dangerous.”

It wasn’t always this way. BoBo had a promising career, and had won awards. One of the trophies he had won was his wife — she was hot and wanted to be dangerous. She had given him a golden watch and he made a promise to himself never to take it off. During an ill fated children’s party while doing his trademark 20 foot balloon animal his watch pinched one of the balloons and sent a ripple effect that detonated the entire animal.

Balloon pieces flew everywhere, children ran, screaming, trying to escape the carnage. After all the dust settled four children had lost their sight and Spot the dog escaped the yard, never to be seen again. His career was over. His money dried up and his wife left him, leaving only a note explaining how much of a disappointment he was and, most painfully, in the last few lines of the letter explained how she was cheating on him with Max Payne, a real man, dangerous and that the watch was originally his.

From that day BoBo the clown died. Replaced with a cold man with a burning desire to seek vengeance on Max, the man he blamed for everything, keeping the watch as a constant reminder of his sole purpose in life: Revenge.

Tonight, hell was going to get a little crowded.