Logitech Cube Review: This Is Not A Mouse

Logitech Cube Review: This Is Not A Mouse

Logitech arguably make the best mice you can buy. I guess it tires of doing so, as the Cube mouse-plus-PowerPoint-clicker is an ergonomic war crime and peripheral abomination. At least it’s small enough to purge from memory.

What Is It?

A “compact” pinky-long touch mouse, also meant to be used during presentations.

Who’s it For?

People with doll-sized hands, businessmen, masochists, all of the above.


It looks like a bootleg Chinese copy of itself — a chintzy, glossy, laminated block.

Using It

You can move the Cube around your desktop like any other mouse, except you rub its back instead of rolling a wheel to scroll.

The Best Part

Most of the time you move the Cube in real life, there is some correspondance between it and the cursor on your screen.

Tragic Flaw

The Logitech Cube is brutally uncomfortable to use, its clicking mechanism is shoddy and hard to trigger.

This Is Weird…

Logitech’s download-only software that claims to improve scrolling smoothness made no difference — still jerky and bad! — and is only available for Windows.

Should You Buy It?

No. NO.