Liquipel Coming To Aussie Phones Soon

Some phones sell themselves at least partially on being waterproof — the most recent obvious examples being Motorola's RAZR or Samsung's yet-to-be-released-here Rugby. But soon you'll be able to waterproof just about any phone.

We've covered Liquipel (pun not intended) previously; it's a nano-coating for electronics that, so its manufacturers claim, will repel any splashes onto the phone. That doesn't quite make it dive suitable, but for everyday spills and rain it should make it quite resistant.

Liquipel's announced that it's signed up the Australian-based Vita Group as a licensor of the technology. Vita Group is the name behind such Australian brands as Fone Zone, One Zero, Next Byte, iConcierge, Vita Networks and Sprout Accessories, as well as a number of franchised Telstra shops and business centres. I'm waiting to hear back from Vita as to how they'll roll out the Liquipel technology — the company itself currently charges $US60 for a liquipel coating on a limited number of phones, but it's not clear what Vita will charge here for the service. [The Next Web]

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