Limited Edition Galaxy S II Comes With Free Makeup

Samsung's certainly not been backwards in making variants of the highly popular Galaxy S II. The latest is a 'limited edition' Bobbi Brown (no, not that one) Galaxy S II in rather vibrant pink. The Bobbi Brown Galaxy S II will be a South Korean-only phone; it's named for the cosmetics firm. No, I didn't know there was a cosmetics firm called Bobbi Brown — am I just ignorant?

Update: According to BellaSugar editor Sarah, I am indeed ignorant; Bobbi Brown is a big deal in the cosmetics world. You learn something new every day.

Anyway, only 2012 of the 'limited edition' phones, which are on sale from today until the 9th of March will be sold; each comes with a pink Galaxy S II and a makeup palette and makeup service coupon. I'm not a huge fan of products that are pink for the sake of being pink, but with such low shipping numbers it's not as though Samsung is taking much of a risk here. [SammyHub]

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