LED Wallpaper Is Blinking Marvellous

Wallpaper is boring, staid, annoying stuff; the visual look dates badly, it peels in inconvenient places and if you've ever spent any time with a wallpaper heat gun, you'll know how annoying it is to remove. This LED Wallpaper probably wouldn't take well to a steam gun, although it does have advantages when it comes to room illumination. It's the brainchild of German Ingo Maurer, and comes in rolls of 320 cm x 60 cm, with five pattern repeats. Each pattern consists of 48 white, 60 blue and 60 red LEDs.

I wonder what happens if you spill wallpaper paste on it? [Ingo Maurer via TrendIR]


    This image from the designers own site is a much better choice than the one used above.
    At least it doesn't look like the wall of the Transport Monitoring Dept.

    By the looks of that larger image, they need to go to wallpaper hanging school.

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