Leaked iOS 5.1 Build Shows Off Camera Slider, Expanded Siri Functionality

The Portuguese-language blog BlogdoiPhone has somehow gotten its hands on a Pre-GM build of the upcoming iOS 5.1 update. Here's what could be in store for the expected March 9th-ish update.

So far, it appears that the changes are relatively minor, the blog having only discovered two additions. First, the camera will be accessible from the lock screen — and without fully unlocking the phone. As the image below illustrates, users should be able to swipe up to engage the camera option, then across to unlock the camera itself. Currently, users have to fully unlock before accessing the camera app, so this should help when you're trying to get a shot of a fleeting moment.

Second, as we had expected from previous rumors, Siri will speak Japanese once iOS 5.1 drops. She still won't, however, understand what you're saying in either Mandarin or Russian. Well, there's always next build. [DoiPhone vai MacRumors]

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