JB Hi-Fi NOW Mobile Apps 'Soon'

JB Hi-Fi's NOW music streaming service has struggled by comparison to its peers due to the lack of mobile listening options. As Gus has noted over at Lifehacker, in its results announcement, JB Hi-Fi said the mobile apps for the service will be rolling out within “the next four weeks”. It's expected — as is the case with Rdio, for example — that adding mobile access will increase the per-month fees that you pay. [Lifehacker]


    Sonos Support? Then I could support a local company

    If the app is available I will buy this in a heartbeat. After using Rdio and other services I find the actual recommendations and available music in the JB Hi-Fi service far far superior...

    I have trialled the JB Now service and agree that it offers a very good music selection. Comparable to ITunes for my genres. However, I won't be signing up for it until they roll out the mobile option as it is too restrictive without this. The 4 week deadline is fast approaching and JB are ery quiet on it's release. I suspect it is going to be late.

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