Is uTorrent Coming To Android?

Is uTorrent Coming To Android?

There are plenty of things iOS can do that Android can’t — Siri and Facetime, for example. However, Andorid may soon be getting its own exclusive feature: P2P file sharing courtesy of uTorrent, the most-used torrent client in the Western world.

BitTorrent, the parent company of uTorrent, is reportedly developing a mobile P2P file sharing client for the Android platform. Such an app would allow uTorrent’s 140 million users to trade files over any wireless connection without the need for a desktop or laptop intermediary. “Like any software company, we know a mobile experience is really important to our users,” a BitTorrent spokesperson told TorrentFreak.

The Andorid platform was reportedly chosen of iOS due to its open environment. BitTorrent would likely face strict censorship of the app from iTunes and the Android Marketplace but could still be loaded from sources other than the official Android fire hose without needing to jailbreak the device.

BitTorrent hasn’t set a release date yet, but once this app does go live, you can bet its effect on streaming music services and mobile networks alike will be large and immediate. [TorrentFreak via Redmond Pie]

Image: Fonearena