Is uTorrent Coming To Android?

There are plenty of things iOS can do that Android can't — Siri and Facetime, for example. However, Andorid may soon be getting its own exclusive feature: P2P file sharing courtesy of uTorrent, the most-used torrent client in the Western world.

BitTorrent, the parent company of uTorrent, is reportedly developing a mobile P2P file sharing client for the Android platform. Such an app would allow uTorrent's 140 million users to trade files over any wireless connection without the need for a desktop or laptop intermediary. "Like any software company, we know a mobile experience is really important to our users," a BitTorrent spokesperson told TorrentFreak.

The Andorid platform was reportedly chosen of iOS due to its open environment. BitTorrent would likely face strict censorship of the app from iTunes and the Android Marketplace but could still be loaded from sources other than the official Android fire hose without needing to jailbreak the device.

BitTorrent hasn't set a release date yet, but once this app does go live, you can bet its effect on streaming music services and mobile networks alike will be large and immediate. [TorrentFreak via Redmond Pie]

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    Simpsons did it! I mean, iOS did it! Look up iTorrent, which is an iOS port of Transmission client. Yes, android fanboys, you need to jailbreak your phone to get iTransmission. But jailbreaking is just a formality these days, it's not illegal and it's no different to modding/rooting your android phone. So don't start at me with the "if you have to jailbreak it doesn't count" rubbish. Enabling Cydia is no different to enabling the full google marketplace.

    Admittedly, I'll be looking forward to this uTorrent port for my android tablet - I much prefer uTorrent over Transmission. I think they're shooting themselves in the foot by not even considering iOS though (but they're right, it'll never be accepted by Apple's App Store - other iOS bittorrent clients have tried).

      just to clarify my last sentence there - I think they're shooting themselves in the foot by not considering *jailbroken* iOS.

    Jailbroken iOS = same freedom as stock android

    torrent client is not new to android, this is just the first major client to be ported.

      So... the news story is more of "late comer finally arrives on the scene". Maybe next gizmodo can tell us which laundry detergents work best, broken by a news flash that old people get scammed from time to time.

      I kid the Gizmodo. I love you guys.

    Been using tTorrent (free) for ages now on my S2. Don't forget the uTorrent remote either. And I can confirm it works out of the box stock Android.

      Yes. t Torrent came out at least 2 years ago. I also use a combination of webui and miniui with port forwarding to control my home PC uTorrent from my phone. It's a Very capable combination for managing downloading Linux distributions.

    Siri and Facetime are ios core functions, not really a case of another IS "not being able" to do them. Android and other OSs have their own equivalents, just like phones do with everything. Some like Siri are apparently better than others, but I doubt you can find "plenty of things" one dominant platform can do that the other one can't.

    It's hard to believe people still bother to torrent stuff these days.

      What do you mean still bother to torrent? it is the best and easiest way to pirate things, I swear you troll on every article.

        It is by no means the best and easiest way to download.

          What is the best way?

          If there's something easier please do tell, but any time I try to watch something I run into this (with extra issues caused by so many things not being available in Australia).

        Noy sure where you're seeing the trolling - Ozoneocean has (here and elsewhere) explained his/her position reasonably and refrained from namecalling, which is more than you can claim. It's a blog comments section, commenting a lot doesn't make you a troll - commenting like an asshole in order to whip up vitriol makes you a troll. Not sure that Ozoneocean really fits that description...

    Great another way for these damn pirates to ruin industries , already ruined the music industry and has basically bankrupt the movie industry, great job pirates.

      not sure if srs..

      *sigh* in case you're not trolling, the 'music industry' isn't dying, big publishers are as musicians can go straight to the fans via YouTube and iTunes, publishers were only there for advertising and production anyway, the latter of which can now be easily accomplished by the bands.
      Big bands (top 20 kinda stuff) will suffer more, but the little guys are getting more fans than ever which is turning into more money via people buying tickets.

      As for the movie industry, they still make more money every year than the last. Currently about double what they made pre-internet
      Ticket's sold have remained pretty stagnant since 1995, but ticket prices have gone way up.

    Been using the uTorrent remote client myself because watching media on a small small screen is crap, besides, I can set up my downloads while I am at work and have them ready for my to watch on my TV because I am a Sir, and that is the only way I use my computer these days. Sitting on my sofa, watching internets on my HDTV. Widescreen for my pleasure.

    I thought this had to be a Diaz post, what with the misinformation/trollbait. I'm a little curious what game Andrew's watching if he thinks Facetime and Siri are unique to iOS - videocalls and voice recognition are both alive and well on Android, the difference is largely cosmetic. Similarly, Andrew seems to think that P2P filesharing is new to mobiles, when it's been around for AGES on both OSes. This guy is a tech reporter?! It's not OzGiz's fault, but it is a pretty bad look...

    i had transmission on my n900 nearly from the day i got it, taking full advantage of optus $3 days. yeah, it had to be on mains power and optus could only occasionally give a decent speed, but i had it, used it and it was 'ken brilliant (I lived in a rural area with no access to adsl.)

    There is an app for torrents already on android, its called aDownloader. Works well and has the rss feature & direct search to specific sites.

    Wasn't there just an article comparing Siri to and Android voice recognition app? lol

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