Iron Sky, Nazis, Sci-Fi and The Aussie Connection

If you haven’t watched the Iron Sky trailer yet, you need to so after the jump. It's OK, I'll wait. The new flick sees Nazis attack Earth with a space fleet built on the moon after WWII. It's a deliciously tacky concept brought to life by online crowd-sourced funding and co-producers from Australia, Finland and Germany. And after positive response at the Berlin Film Festival this month, it may just get an Aussie theatrical release.

Brisbane-based producer Cathy Overett tells SBS that she’s "carefully considering" it at least. It’d arrive here in May or June.

Of the film’s 45-day shoot, 20 days were filmed at Warner Studios in Queensland – and local actors Christopher Kirby (who appeared in all three Matrix movies) and Peta Sergeant (Bianca from All Saints) have key roles.

What do you think of the final theatrical trailer? I love the Sarah Palin satire. [SBS]

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