Internet-Connected TVs: Uncommon But Addictive

Plenty of TVs get sold with net connectivity these days. Australian data presented at Sony's big product showcase today suggests that the majority of people still don't take advantage of that option, but those that do get properly hooked.

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At its 2011 product launch a year ago, Sony said that 25 per cent of the internet-capable TVs it sold ended up getting connected to the Net.. At the equivalent event today, Sony officials said that the number was up to 33 per cent. On the fact of it, that's not a massive improvement.

However, it seems that those who do bother to connect find it useful. According to Sony, 100 per cent of customers who do have a connection watch at least one piece of content a month using it.

I suspect the biggest barriers to people making use of net-connected TVs (in no particular order) are indifference to the idea, an unwillingness to grapple with getting the connection set up, and concerns over using up their monthly bandwidth. What do you think?

Republished from Lifehacker

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